"The Purple Lily"...

Homicides are few and far between in the small seaside town of Coos Bay, Oregon. At least they were, until now.

One year after a couple goes missing in the Elliott State Forest, their decomposed bodies are found close to where they were last seen. Homicide detectives Daniella Keezar and her partner, Crystal Allen won't rest until they find who is responsible.

The local newspaper is reporting the increase in crime, homicides and robberies. But it's the homicides that catch the eye of a bestselling author, Charlotte Romano. After reading about the two missing people found murdered, her interest is piqued.

With little to no leads, Detective Keezar decides to take Charlotte up on her offer to research the killings through a fictional story in hopes to bringing the killer to light.

As Charlotte and Daniella collaborate on the case, there are too many coincidences pointing to one person. But they need solid evidence in order to move forward. Conniving, meticulous, charming, and rich, the serial killer's MO is always different.

Their eye is on the prize but he refuses to leave them more. If only they could catch him in the act?

Desperate for answers, both women realize the closer they get to him, the more their lives may be in danger to becoming his next victims.

July, 2023
Newly edited Second Edition now available on Kindle & Audio

A Novel Approach ...

The project of writing a book requires creativity, imagination, time and discipline. Writing a novel is never exactly easy no matter how you approach it. Two authors collaborating to write the story adds an extra level of energy and complexity.  Writing a book with someone is like being married. Both authors have to be committed to the process, but remain flexible as well. Simply put, a successful co-authoring effort is a delicate balance of egos, and responsibilities, which has pleasantly been achieved with the authors of "The Purple Lily"